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INOSIM Newsletter On Process Simulation

Third Quarter, 2022

Good day!

Propelling meaningful innovations for the benefit of our customers has always been the mission of INOSIM. In the following Newsletter you will find two current examples. The application of simulation and digital twins aims to make  production more transparent, more manageable and thus more efficient. To this end, we are currently developing our INOSIM Foresight system together with renowned industry partners. The optimal use of this innovative technology also includes the acquisition and transfer of new skills to fully exploit the range of functions. Our employee Felix Riedl is particularly committed to this field. Read how you can benefit as an INOSIM user.
A second topic that moves us is the Process Simulation Working Group, which was co-initiated by INOSIM. This group sees itself as an open body for interested engineers as well as other production participants from the process industry. The aim is to promote and further spread simulation technology in our industries. You can find a report and further information about the recent meeting of the Working Group here.
Feel free to read more about this and get further valuable information on process simulation in the current INOSIM Newsletter.
Your Peter Balling

Current News

News From INOSIM Software Development

  • Outlook for the INOSIM BICON 1.2 update
    INOSIM BICON is the interface between our simulation software and novel visualization tools. In order to further expand the functionality of INOSIM BICON, the upcoming update 1.2 will once again bring a number of improvements regarding the exported data and the default analyses. Read more…

Latest Expert Tips From INOSIM Support

  • Tank Level Evaluation
    In order to evaluate the limits of a tank, the time a tank is full or empty is of interest. In this Tip & Trick, a function is presented that calculates the requested time. Read more…

News From The Process Simulation Community

  • Back Again: The Process Simulation Working Group
    An approach co-initiated by INOSIM to promote the use of simulation technologies in production is the Process Simulation Working Group. After regular meetings between 2015 and 2019, now the Working Group is experiencing a comeback…
  • Online Optimization Of Batch Plants
    The first meeting of the Process Simulation Working Group in Munich after the Corona break dealt with the use of process simulation from the point of view of operations and engineering. In lectures and a workshop, insights were passed on for practice. Read more…

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