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INOSIM Newsletter On Process Simulation

Fourth Quarter, 2022

Good day!

Just like wish lists belonging to Christmas, steady further development of our solutions belongs to INOSIM! But unlike Santa Claus, we even do our best throughout the whole year to implement our customers’ wishes and incorporate their suggestions. You will find examples in this newsletter, be it the update (1.2) of our simulation data export solution INOSIM BICON extended to Power BI, the latest update (13.0.7) of our proven simulation software INOSIM or the novel tool OptiProd for automated production scheduling.

The Tips And Tricks section here in the newsletter and on our website also aims to leave no wishes unfulfilled. We regularly share our simulation knowledge with you! In just a few years, an impressive wealth of references has thus been accumulated, helping to fully exploit the functional scope of our process simulators. The latest example as well as further valuable information about process simulation can be found in our brand-new newsletter.

With warm Christmas Greetings
Your Peter Balling

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  • INOSIM Event Call Sequence
    Experienced INOSIM users are aware that they are working with a discrete-event simulation software.This article takes a closer look at some specific events and controls in INOSIM and the sequence in which they are called. Read more…

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We wish all our customers, partners, and interested parties a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! We are at your service until 12/23/2022, and between the years with a reduced team only, in order to recover a little bit in between. From 1/2/2023, we will be at your full service as usual, looking forward to being your competent and reliable partner with your 2023 projects.

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