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INOSIM Newsletter On Process Simulation

High Performance Simulation With INOSIM 14
High-Caliber Presentations in Würzburg
Highly Interesting New Training Modules
INOSIM Newsletter II/2024

Good day,

once again, some labor-intensive weeks and months are behind us: After the completion of the majority stake by ZETA, preparations for the presence of INOSIM at the ACHEMA exhibition in Frankfurt in June began. In our software development, the final work on INOSIM 14 and BICON 2.0 ran under high pressure. Internally, INOSIM 14 was put through its paces for several weeks. So while some of us presented INOSIM 14 and Foresight at the ACHEMA booth of ZETA from dawn till dusk, the others completed the final software tests and released the new version shortly after. INOSIM 14 provides increased simulation performance, parallel simulation, Packaged Goods integration, standalone extensions and a five times faster BICON export. We invite you to join our Release Webinar at the end of July, where we will give an live overview of the new features.

Further details on our new products, reports from our consulting practice, two new articles in the section Tips & Tricks, as well as current training dates and further event information can be found in this newsletter.

Yours sincerely
Peter Balling

Current News

  • Now available: INOSIM 14 – State-of-the-art Process Simulation
    With the release of INOSIM 14 and BICON 2.0, we bring your simulation applications up-to-date through parallel simulation and intelligent database management. In addition, many quality-of-life updates have found their way into the new version, often based on feedback from our users or the INOSIM Consulting team. Read more…
  • The brand-new INOSIM Packaged Goods Add-On Starts With A Special Offer
    INOSIM 14 offers a new Add-On. It enables an integrated simulation of the production process and the logistics around the core process. To make it easier for you to get started, we have developed a new training module for INOSIM Packaged Goods. It introduces you to all aspects of the new Add-On. The highlight: As a training participant in 2024, you can use INOSIM Packaged Goods free of charge until the end of this year. Read more…
  • Simulation Of A Cooling Water Supply System
    In a recent consulting project, INOSIM GmbH, together with a globally operating biotechnology and pharmaceutical company, has set up a simulation model that focuses on the validation of a planned plant for the plant-wide supply of cold and hot water. Read more…

News From INOSIM Software Development

  • Final Update For INOSIM 13
    We have released a final update for version 13, INOSIM 13.0.9, which contains two bug fixes and uses a newer version of SQL Server. Read more…
  • Now Available: INOSIM 14 With High Performance Parallel Simulation
    INOSIM 14 comes with a number of thought-out new features: Core Edition – high-performance tool at a low price; Parallelization for Statistical Analysis, Optimization, and Custom Solutions; performance benefits with Parallel Simulation; enhancement of proven features; Packaged Goods Simulation – fully integrated new Add-On; BI Data Exporter BICON 2.0 – performance increased five-fold. Read more…

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