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INOSIM Newsletter On Process Simulation

Great News: ZETA Joins INOSIM – INOSIM Newsletter I/2024

Good day!

We at INOSIM hope that you had a good start in the new year! For us, the year 2024 brings great news: The Austrian ZETA Group, a leading provider of end-to-end solutions for the biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical industries, has acquired a majority stake in INOSIM. With ZETA, we now have a strong partner at our side to take simulation-based decision making and optimization in engineering and operations to the next level.
For our existing customers, not much will change. The current INOSIM team will continue to be easily available to you for sales enquiries, support, training, and other services. Furthermore, we ensure the continuous development of our software for process simulation and our new solution INOSIM Foresight.
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Your Peter Balling

On Our Own Account

  • INOSIM And Zeta Join Forces To Take Simulation To The Next Level
    ZETA, a leading provider of end-to-end solutions for the biopharma and pharma industry, has acquired a majority stake in INOSIM. The partnership includes the sales and marketing of INOSIM’s products, including INOSIM simulation software and the new platform INOSIM Foresight for predictive operations support. Read more…

News From INOSIM Software Development

  • More comfort In The Gantt With The New INOSIM 14
    The new INOSIM program version 14 will be released shortly. In addition to a large number of new features, this time our developers have focused on making it even easier for users to use already familiar features. An example of this is the improved usability of the Gantt diagram in the new INOSIM 14. Read more…

Tips And Tricks

  • Custom Failure Handling
    In INOSIM simulations, custom stochastic unit failures can be utilized to accurately replicate reality in a plant. This tip & trick focuses on simulating custom behavior triggered by a failure. Two application examples are provided here. Read more…

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