19. June 2024

Final Update for Version 13

We have released a final update for version 13, INOSIM 13.0.9, which contains two bug fixes and uses a newer version of SQL Server.

SQL Server 2022

Support for Microsoft’s SQL Server 2014, which was used in INOSIM until version 13.0.8, will end on July 9, 2024. From that date, Microsoft will not provide security updates. (Learn more) The risk potential for users is very low: the LocalDB version of SQL Server used with INOSIM does not allow network access. Each user of a computer uses their own private instance of the SQL server. Regardless of the low risk potential, we recommend updating to INOSIM 13.0.9, which uses Microsoft SQL Server 2022.

Please note: When opening a database file in INOSIM 13.0.9, the software will warn you before updating the file to the new database version. After this update, the file cannot be opened in INOSIM 13.0.8 (or earlier) anymore. Therefore, we suggest coordinating the update within your team.

Bug fixes

Two minor bugs have been fixed:

  • A crash could occur when saving a recipe when a unit procedure that includes a recipe module was inserted from the clipboard (copy & paste)
  • The filling level diagram in the Excel report was not displayed for units with specific names due to an Excel-feature: this was relevant for unit names starting with “R” or “C”, followed by a number and further letters, e.g., “R1M”

Download INOSIM 13.0.9

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