The INOSIM Group is a solution provider for the process industry. INOSIM offers state-of-the-art simulation software, simulation-based consulting services and real-time decision support with the brand-new Foresight solution.

Software Tools

State-of-the-art simulation software and compatible add-ons.

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Consulting Services

From training and support to full project execution.

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Foresight Solutions

Real-time decision support with high quality predictions and intuitive visualizations.

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How We Work Together

The ways we can work together are as flexible as the INOSIM Software itself. Speak with our team of experts to find a solution of software and services that compliments your needs and start planning your project with INOSIM today.

Contact INOSIM

  • Get a full version and start off with training and support to build your own team of simulation experts.
  • Request one of our consultants to reinforce your team.
  • Ask us to build and deploy your model, then use a Runtime version to change model parameters and execute simulation studies internally.
  • Develop a project scope, then let us do the rest: model setup, simulation studies, analysis, and reporting of results. Use the free Viewer version to further analyze the simulation runs in-house.


Direct Contact

During local business hours

Germany +49 231 97 00 250