Build the most accurate and agile digital twins. Gain unparalleled levels of insight. Optimize decision-making over the complete life cycle of your plant. From design and engineering to operation and optimization. With INOSIM’s process simulation software.

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Software Tools

State-of-the-art process simulation software and compatible add-ons for building digital twins.

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Consulting Services

From training and support to full project execution.

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Foresight Solutions

Real-time decision support with high quality predictions and intuitive visualizations.

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Chemical Industry

Design robust processes (batch, continuous, or mixed), identify bottlenecks and guarantee process profitability

Pharmaceutical Industry

Quickly adapt to changing market conditions and regulatory requirements, optimize production lines, and gain insight into the complex dynamics of pharmaceutical manufacturing

Life Sciences

Create holistic mass and energy balances, manage resources, and optimize operating conditions

Food & Beverage

Optimize batch cycle times, evaluate the impact of introducing new products to the line, and create profitable production plans

Other Industries

The application of our simulation tool for the steel and metallurgical industries is just another example of our software’s universalism.


INOSIM software is currently being taught at several German universities and is also being applied within national and international research projects.

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Use INOSIM's Digital Twins to:

Assess your ideas, risk-free.

Test the feasibility of process alternatives by performing virtual experiments in a risk-free environment.

Save time and money.

Quickly test several process alternatives all in one place and avoid expensive, time-consuming lab work.

Visualize your process.

Analyze a system’s dynamic behavior and attain easy-to-understand Gantt-Chart visualizations to enhance your process understanding.

Make decisions based on facts.

Don’t rely on intuition but make your knowledge explicit by using simulation to provide trustworthy data for important business decisions.

Manage uncertainty.

Simulate various process uncertainties, asses the risks and develop robust solutions.

Learn from tomorrow, today.

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