Life Sciences & BioTech

In life sciences, the pathway from production to the final user is not always straightforward.

For example, when an ingredient is produced biotechnologically, typically it must be separated from a complex mixture of other substances, followed by elaborate filtration procedures. During filtration, large amounts of waste and effluent are common. Furthermore, the energy expenditure which is necessary for production often becomes critically high.


Process Development and Optimization

INOSIM process simulation software provides a forecast of mass and energy balances for the development and optimization of biotechnological processes based on historical or experimental data. Thus, in process development, or while improving existing processes, alternatives such as adjusting the filtration steps can be tested and evaluated before introducing them into production. By enabling end-to-end visibility of your process, our software provides you with the information you need to maximize your output and make confident decisions surrounding your resources and equipment.


Use INOSIM to:

  • Perform feasibility studies to justify further investigations
  • Evaluate process alternatives
  • Support process scale-up
  • Generate mass and energy balances for complete production processes
  • Integrate procedural calculations for single process steps
  • Evaluate the impact of process interdependencies on set production goals


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