Plant Design & Optimization

Avoid costly mistakes and gain insight into complex process dynamics during every stage of a plant’s life cycle.


When designing a plant, questions like these occur:

  • What is the target capacity for the projected plant, and how do we reach it most cost-effectively?
  • Does it make sense to divide batches into several sub batches?
  • How can we design the process in such a way to anticipate expanding production?
  • Which, and how many resources must be provided?
  • How many employees are necessary and in what shifts should they work?
  • How can product mixes be easily switched, and product portfolio changes be enabled?

Applying process simulation during the design stage will dramatically decrease your chance of running into costly production errors in the later project phases. With simulation, you may quickly test and analyze several process alternatives including the limiting factors such as parameter deviations, resource availability, quality checks, planned and unplanned downtimes, and more. Thus, enabling you to be confident in the conceptual decisions that you must make early on.


INOSIM process simulation software does not only support you in designing new plants but also in optimizing existing ones.

Plant optimization may include:

  • Capacity extensions
  • Process Debottlenecking
  • Resource and Energy Efficiency
  • Failure and Maintenance Management
  • Supply Chain and Logistics Management

Even in these cases, process simulation will come in handy. Discrete event simulation enables end-to-end visibility of your dynamic process. In other words, non-intuitive production interdependencies become clearer, and you can obtain quantifiable results to reinforce your decisions and investments.

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