Our vision is to empower decision-making in the processing industries with innovative simulation tools and tailored services to contribute to a sustainable future worth living in. We believe that simulation offers unparalleled levels of insight into complex processes and their prospective behavior. Leveraging this potential means making more confident decisions in process development and plant operations. It means that we can learn from tomorrow, today.

The INOSIM Group

INOSIM was founded back in 2003 by Peter Balling, a graduate in computer sciences, with an aspiring attitude and the will to create something new. During Peter’s time distributing simulation software, he realized the processing industry’s urgent need for a flexible and batch-oriented simulation tool. Thus, INOSIM began developing its first simulator, INOSIM Batch. Since then, the software has evolved into a market-leading tool thanks to the constructive input from our supportive customer base and the diligent work of our software development team.

As INOSIM simulation tools gained popularity in Europe, growing demand for services around the software emerged. To satisfy these demands in 2010, INOSIM Consulting GmbH, a company driven by process engineers to provide high-quality simulation-based support and services, was founded. The INOSIM Consulting offices on Dortmund’s Science and Technology Campus quickly became the epicenter for steady growth in development, sales, and services. In recent years, INOSIM’s activities transitioned overseas, and the international business became increasingly important. Thus, in 2019, INOSIM Solutions LLC USA was founded in Dallas, Texas to strengthen the INOSIM Group’s footprint in the North American market. And INOSIM Solutions PVT India, established in 2022, improves our services in the Far Eastern and Pacific economic areas.

The INOSIM Group has worked diligently to establish a modern, supportive, and diverse culture for our family by ensuring all our team members have their own creative space and room to grow. We firmly believe that trust and mutual respect, rather than steep hierarchies, lead us to serve our customers with peak performance.

Three Companies - One Team

INOSIM Software GmbH serves as the centerpiece for all INOSIM’s activities. The growing team of software engineers and sales experts develop and distribute INOSIM’s unique simulation software. At the same time, a proactive innovation department is continuously working on new ways to support the process industry on its journey towards Industry 4.0 and digitalization. Meanwhile, our team works in close cooperation with our customers to implement relevant and specific improvements to our tools.

INOSIM Consulting GmbH provides sophisticated simulation-based services surrounding the INOSIM software. Since then, our consultants have crafted their simulation expertise through various projects in different branches of the processing industries including some collaborative research projects to strengthen the important bond between innovative companies and academia. Moreover, the consulting team serves all our users by providing software training and personally handling user support.

The third member of the INOSIM Group, INOSIM Solutions LLC USA, is our US-based entity located in Dallas, Texas. They provide INOSIM’s high-performance software solutions and simulation-based services to the North American market. Training, sales, and support are now offered at hands-reach to our trans-Atlantic customers.

By establishing the INOSIM Solutions PVT India, we have significantly shortened the communication and service channels to our customers and partners in the Far East and the Pacific economic region.

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