24. June 2024

Special Packaged Goods Release Offer

INOSIM offers a new add-on to enable integrated simulation of the production process and the logistics evolving around the core process.

New Built-in Add-On for INOSIM 14

The new Packaged Goods Add-on comes with 13 easy-to-use recipe modules that create, destroy, move, stack, or fill Movable Unit (MU) items. These allow you to model any logistic process with INOSIM’s intuitive building-block system. Fill your products into containers, stack them on pallets and let a forklift transport them to a warehouse or the outbound loading dock for transport to a customer or different site. Answer questions like “How many circulating special containers are necessary for inter-site logistics?”, “How many storage lots are needed per site?” or “Is the number of loading bays sufficient for the planned capacity increase?”.

Powerful Visualizations – Internally or via BICON Exports

Results can be displayed in the Gantt chart: MU handling operations are shown in allocation bars, and information like the number of allocated lots or available space can be displayed in curves. Furthermore, all MU results can be exported as Excel-Reports or via BICON to be used in Business Intelligence tools like Tableau and Power BI. Our experts have already implemented a new Tableau default workbook with BICON 2.0 that includes powerful visualizations for your first Packaged Goods project.

Free Packaged Goods License

To get you started, we have developed a new training module. This two-day training will introduce you to all aspects of the new Packaged Goods Add-on. Every training participant, in 2024, receives a free Packaged Goods license, incl. maintenance until 31.12.2024. After this period, only a small maintenance fee is added to your maintenance contract to cover future updates (minimum 1 year). This training module is offered for 1.500 € per person. Choose one of our open training sessions (see below) or contact us for a private in-house training (minimum 2 persons).

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User Interface and Visualizations

Stay tuned for further updates

Please do not expect 3D forklifts racing through your virtual warehouses during a simulation run. However, we are already working on more features for Packaged Goods, including advanced visualizations in the layout during the simulation. Until then, we are eager to hear your feedback and are happy to assist you with our experience.

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Upcoming Open Training Sessions

2. September 2024 – 3. September 2024

Open Training Packaged Goods September 2024

10. September 2024 – 12. September 2024

Open Training BICON for Power BI September 2024

9. September 2024 – 10. September 2024

Open Training BICON for Tableau September 2024

26. August 2024 – 29. August 2024

Open Advanced Training August 2024

19. August 2024 – 22. August 2024

Open Basic Training August 2024

Do you have any questions or would like to know more about this topic? Please contact us.

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