Process Design & Scale-Up

Minimize experimentation costs and reduce time-consuming lab work.

When designing or improving a process, questions like these occur:

  • What kind of technology upgrades, if any, are necessary to scale up?
  • What is the quickest and cheapest way to evaluate production concepts and process alternatives?
  • How will process variants impact my expected operational costs? How can I reduce these variations?


Powered by INOSIM and its predictive capabilities, you can effectively:

  • Obtain quantitative and qualitative data covering required process times, unit dimensions, resource demands, and operational costs.
  • Design and develop a robust process that accounts for expected process variances.
  • Visualize the complex dynamics and interdependencies behind a process within INOSIM Gantt and our custom or predefined Excel reports.


Do not solely rely on intuition or guesswork. Experiment with an accurate virtual representation of your plant before building the real one to minimize experimentation costs and reduce time-consuming lab work.

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