INOSIM Foresight

Running a modern batch plant effectively requires expertise. To handle the complex tasks that arise in batch production, your staff relies on a combination of expert knowledge, experience, and intuition. But what if you could foresee the consequences of your decisions?

What if you knew the future?

Enter INOSIM Foresight, our new solution for predictive decision support in batch production. Take a look into the future by generating high-quality predictions using INOSIM’s industry-leading process simulation software, offering the most flexible and comprehensive models on the market. With our intuitive, enterprise-wide visualizations of important production metrics and KPIs via leading business intelligence platforms, your team can rely on hard facts and make better decisions, faster.


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Added Value for Different Stakeholders

Production Staff

Can instantly see the effects of delays and breakdowns.

Production Managers

Can predict their KPIs days or even weeks ahead.


Can find the perfect maintenance windows.

Production Planners

Can immediately predict the effect of rush orders.

Plant Operators

Can perfectly schedule and prioritize their manual operations.

How It Works

Use real-plant data and highly accurate INOSIM digital twins to provide key insight dashboards to the right people at the right time.

Custom Key Insight Dashboards

  • Plant- or enterprise-wide distribution of key predictive information.
  • Automatic real-time updates for desktop and mobile devices.
  • Based on the most powerful business intelligent solutions.

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Operator Task Board

Visualize upcoming manual tasks for staff

  • Identify and visualize time-critical operations.
  • Raise situational awareness and transparency for your staff.
  • No unnecessary waiting time.
  • Increased operator motivation and satisfaction.

Maintenance Planning Support

Predict the best maintenance slots

  • Create the perfect schedule for maintenance.
  • Minimize waiting and downtimes.
  • Simplify in-process maintenance.
  • Investigate the effect of maintenance operations.
  • Identify staff bottlenecks.

Predictive Conflict Detection and Mitigation

Show effects of rush orders, failures, delays

  • Effects of unexpected changes are not obvious in complex plants.
  • Identify and counteract adverse effects before they occur.
  • Optimally schedule rush orders.
  • Avoid expensive mistakes.

Predictive KPI Cockpit

React to problems before they occur

  • Display those Key Performance Indicators that matter to you.
  • Create intuitive KPI cockpits for different uses.
  • Don’t just measure the past, accurately predict KPIs for the future.




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Let's build your Custom Foresight Solution

Each INOSIM Foresight deployment is tailored towards the specific needs of our customers. INOSIM and their certified engineering partners  provide a seamless package:

Analysis and Configuration

Based on a detailed analysis of the production plant, requirements, and IT/OT infrastructure and in close cooperation with you, we will identify the most beneficial application scenarios of Foresight and the required Foresight customizations.

Infrastructure Integration and Data Ingestion

The Foresight data integrator provides generic access to your IT/OT infrastructure and thus to all real-world data sets that Foresight relies on. We currently provide connectors for OSIsoft PI, SQL-based systems (which includes most MES and many other systems), and file-based formats, with many more to come.

Modeling and Simulation

A highly accurate INOSIM simulation model will be the centerpiece of your Foresight solution. Our experts will create a model or adapt an existing model, and afterwards implement the Foresight initialization engine.

Workflow Implementation and Visualization

A key element for each Foresight deployment is the intuitive visualization of results via custom graphical dashboards in modern business intelligence solutions. This enables the customer to easily communicate key information on the current and future state of the plant enterprise-wide.

Deployment and Training

Our experts will provide deployment support and tailored training for all the stakeholders involved. This will ease the seamless introduction of this new innovative technology and lets you harvest the Foresight benefits immediately.

Talk to an expert and learn how Foresight can revolutionize your decision-making in operations.

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