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The application of INOSIM in the steel industry and integrated smelting plants is just another example of the software’s universalism.

INOSIM’s highly adaptive capabilities empower users to build customized models for nearly all kinds of processing industries. Please contact one of our experts to inquire about your specific application, and they will be happy to work with you to determine if INOSIM is the right tool to overcome your specific challenges.

In this example, INOSIM is used to improve the energy management of metallurgical plants. The complex dynamics and interactions of several processing and production units each with its own energy and supply system can be made clear with the help of simulation. For the energy and resource-intensive steel industry, this means more efficiency, coupled with a more ecological and competitive production.


Modeling a steel mill and smelting plant with INOSIM

The steel mill and smelting plant are represented in a process model and are analyzed with respect to its overall energy usage. With this analysis, INOSIM enables the identification of areas for possible savings. Furthermore, alternatives for utilizing process gases are tested and evaluated. Thus, by applying simulation, the user has quickly gained access to a wealth of data covering several process alternatives and their impact on the plant’s energy usage.

Additionally, INOSIM may be applied to develop procedures for a metallurgical plant’s load control and its participation in demand-side management, aiming to make conclusions for optimized production. Therefore, the simulation models may also be used for method development in energy management as well as in demand-side management.


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