Pharmaceutical Industry

Developing and commercializing pharmaceuticals is a tricky process.

Often, years pass from the first product idea over research, development, testing, and approval until commercialization. Errors made during the development stage may cause economical or technical headaches for production later. And still, many projects fail because convenient tools for controlling complex, dynamic processes are not applied.


Use INOSIM Process Simulation to:

  • Evaluate the technical and economic feasibility of a product idea to justify future projects.
  • Reveal cost-intensive areas of production and develop strategies to make those areas more cost-efficient.
  • Accelerate a product’s time-to-market by quickly determining the modifications required to scale up (i.e., size equipment, estimate utility and labor requirements, etc.).
  • Visualize the effects of adjusting production steps to account for changing market conditions or future product improvements to facilitate production scheduling and debottlenecking.

INOSIM process simulation software accelerates and improves process development for pharmaceutical production by giving insight into these process dynamics prior to making real-world changes, ultimately, lowering costs over the complete course of development and production.


Some of our customers from the pharmaceutical industry

CSL Behring
Novo Nordisk

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