Supply Chain & Logistics

Using INOSIM to model production processes and the logistic systems with a single tool will make a difference. Linking manufacturing logistics to production processes is a complex and dynamic task considering the multitude of processes (e.g., supply, delivery, disposal) and stakeholders (e.g., production areas, storage systems, transport resources) that are involved. Furthermore, the addition of internal or external factors such as maintenance times, truck delays, or deadlocks forces management to manually plan conservatively. To address logistical headaches such as the concerns discussed above, a digital forecasting tool like INOSIM is highly convenient.


Use INOSIM to:

  • Simulate and analyze production processes and the associated external and internal logistics
  • Provide sufficient data covering logistics alternatives and uncertain influences (e.g., do we need the truck to come more often than twice per day? What happens if the truck is delayed by two hours?)
  • Support your engineering know-how with predictive data, ultimately, enabling your team to build a less conservative production plan.


To summarize, supply chain and logistics is a dynamic system, so it is essential to have a robust strategy in place to ensure production flows smoothly. However, given a process’s unpredictable behavior, a tool like INOSIM is necessary to effectively test several scenarios in a short amount of time and guarantee a robust solution.

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