3. June 2024

Simulation Of A Cooling Water Supply System

The use of INOSIM Software is now widespread in the simulation of production processes in the process industry. But why not look outside the box? In a new project, INOSIM GmbH, together with a globally operating biotechnology and pharmaceutical company, has set up a simulation model that focuses on the validation of a planned plant for the plant-wide supply of cold and hot water. As a result of the different requirements of the plant’s buildings and systems, heating and cooling loads are generated simultaneously, which can be operated in parallel with the simulated system and thus very energy-efficiently.

The primary task of the system simulated with INOSIM, consisting of three heat pumps for a German site of our customer, is to supply a plant-wide cold water circuit. In addition, three heat exchangers are available to decouple the thermal energy generated in the heat pumps. The energy is fed into a heating circuit to supply the site with heat.

The dynamic simulation model created in the project depicts expected cold and heat load trends at the site and predicts the response of the simulated plant and its parameters. The behaviour of the actuators in the control system as well as the change of temperatures and flows at certain sensor positions in the system are predicted by considering detailed influences such as the ambient temperature, system inertia, PI controller logic or the operating parameter dependent performance of the heat pumps.

Our customer uses the results of the simulation project primarily to validate the created design in terms of robustness and to predict the expected coverage of the cold and heat load. The simulation results were able to identify critical points in the system that may require optimization. In addition, the control parameters tuned to the model can be used as a first clue for the subsequent design of the actual controllers.

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