Production Planning & Scheduling

Efficiently plan production and build feasible schedules using INOSIM simulation. No matter how well designed your production plants and business processes are – if your production plans and schedules are not top-notch, you will lose a lot of time and money. Studies have shown that with better production plans and schedules, you can increase your productivity and efficiency by up to 30%… without the need for capacity increases or other expensive plant modifications!


So, why is everyone not doing it?

Well, production planning is a tedious, error-prone, and expensive task – creating a working schedule takes many hours of manual work and experienced planners. Even for the most experienced of your people, just creating a working schedule is already a very challenging task, so you can never be sure that your schedules are as good as you need them to be. Scheduling software for the process industry can help, but existing solutions are not able to consider all the complex constraints and detailed behaviors of your plant, so any generated schedule needs expensive manual adjustments so that you may use it profitably.

This is where INOSIM comes in: With our market-leading simulation software, you can create accurate and high-quality production plans and schedules with the click of a button, and these schedules will just work – no need for manual adjustments! The process is easy:

  1. Build an accurate simulation model of your plant with INOSIM. Our virtually unlimited customization capabilities will let you model all aspects of your plant and its logistics, no matter how complex it is.
  2. Add additional constraints to your model that you never want to be violated in your production schedules. This may be e.g., requirements or heuristics that your experienced planners know will always work, constraints imposed by corporate structure, culture, or plant layout, custom rules for unit or resource allocations or sequencing, and others.
  3. Using intelligent heuristics and the flexibility of our simulation engine, create high-quality production schedules that just work with the press of a button – no need for manual adjustments or any other kind of modification.

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