10. April 2024

INOSIM And Zeta Join Forces To Take Simulation To The Next Level

ZETA, a leading provider of end-to-end solutions for the biopharma and pharma industry, has acquired a majority stake in INOSIM. The partnership includes the sales and marketing of INOSIM’s products, including INOSIM simulation software and the new platform INOSIM Foresight for predictive operations support.

ZETA has already successfully integrated INOSIM‘s software products into its digital tool landscape. As a result, ZETA and its customers are benefitting from a well-informed decision-making process in engineering, supported by production simulations. This approach enables the implementation of better and more effective processes at lower cost of CAPEX and operations.

“We are excited about our partnership with INOSIM, which represents a major step towards future innovation in the biopharma and pharma industry,” explains Andreas Marchler, Managing Director of ZETA Group. “Our collaboration aims to create more efficient and reliable production systems that will benefit our customers globally. By combining INOSIM‘s expertise with our own, we are able to provide a fully digital, integrated engineering and operations workflow that takes advantage of simulation at every stage. Thus, we are paving the way towards sustainable production processes and plants of our customers across the complete life cycle.“

Peter Balling, CEO of INOSIM, agrees: “We at INOSIM are very happy that we are now part of ZETA Group. Over the past years, we have made large strides towards establishing our simulation software as a mainstay tool for the complete life cycle of complex plants. And with INOSIM Foresight, we have built a platform for comprehensive operations support that is a world first. We have been working together successfully with ZETA for a while, and we are looking forward to harness synergies while building and implementing innovative solutions for our mutual customers together. With ZETA, we now have a strong partner at our side to bring simulation-based decision-making and optimization in engineering and operations to the next level”.

What does this mean for existing INOSIM customers?

For our existing (and also for prospective) customers, not much will change. The INOSIM brand will persist, and INOSIM will continue to provide high-quality software, support, consulting, training, and Foresight deployment services in all of our “traditional” sectors, including chemical, pharmaceutical, life sciences, biotech, and food & beverage.

INOSIM will consolidate all operations in a single company: INOSIM GmbH (currently: INOSIM Software GmbH). INOSIM’s global sales activities will be rolled into ZETA offices around the world, therefore our international offices in the USA and India will be integrated into the local ZETA offices. INOSIM Consulting GmbH will be closed, as all employees and services have been transferred to INOSIM GmbH, which will provide both software and services worldwide.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, support requests, consulting or training needs, or if you are interested in your own Foresight deployment.

About ZETA

The ZETA Group is an end-to-end solution provider operating globally and specializing in the design, construction, automation, digitalization and qualification of customer-specific biopharmaceutical systems for aseptic process solutions.

As general planner, ZETA manages major, high-complexity EPCM pharma projects and specifically reduces interfaces — from the planning and construction of the process system through the cleanroom design up to the technical building infrastructure. This design-build approach accelerates the project execution time by up to 50% and leads to creation of value earlier in the customer’s capex projects. In doing so, ZETA provides an active contribution to the rapid market introduction of vital active ingredients and patients benefit from earlier availability of pharmaceuticals such as anti-cancer medications, insulin and vaccines.

In the field of digitization, ZETA’s fully integrated digital value chain — from engineering through qualification and operator management — has established the company as an innovation driver in the pharma and biotech industry. ZETA is also actively taking steps towards a more sustainable future for the entire industry: Holistic decarbonization strategies that reduce targeted emissions during the biopharmaceutical manufacturing process are integrated with sustainable energy sources for the power supply of the entire infrastructure and investment scenarios in renewable energy are evaluated using profitability calculations.

Andreas Marchler, left, and Josef Maier, right (Managing Directors of ZETA) and Peter Balling, center (CEO of INOSIM Group) are looking forward to a fruitful collaboration after signing the acquisition contract.

Do you have any questions or would like to know more about this topic? Please contact us.

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