3. December 2021

Making Process Lifecycles More Flexible And Efficient

INOSIM Lecture At The PAAT Annual Meeting, 2021

The German PAAT (Process, Apparatus and Plant Engineering) association works on process development and optimization, planning, construction, operation, and maintenance of production plants. The association’s  panels pay particular attention to discussing research problems in process, apparatus, and plant engineering and to closing the corresponding knowledge gaps. The PAAT is supported by ProcessNet, an initiative of VDI and DECHEMA.

A new process design methodology

INOSIM was represented at this year’s digital PAAT meeting in late November 2021, with a tandem lecture together with the Ruhr University Bochum. In the lecture on the evaluation and selection of units in the context of a cross-scale process development methodology, we presented results from the research project SkaMPi. The presentation introduced a process design methodology developed in this project. The method addresses the ever shorter life cycles of processes that need to be designed more flexibly and efficiently. To achieve this, so-called PEAs (process equipment assembly) are used, which cover a wide range of process applications. The SkaMPi methodology is used to select the appropriate PEAs for a process.

Simulation-Based Analysis And Evaluation Of Processes

Within the scope of the methodology, INOSIM Simulation Software is used to analyze different alternatives for process design and to evaluate them under consideration of different criteria. In addition, the INOSIM Statistical Analysis was used to investigate the influence of uncertain parameters in early process design on the evaluation of different process design alternatives. In the tandem lecture, the main focus was to demonstrate the holistic SkaMPi workflow, the use of the simulation software within it, and the subsequent positive results.

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