31. May 2023

INOSIM BICON 1.2.1 Comes With New Features, Bug Fixes, And Improved GUI

The brand new update of INOSIM´s Business Intelligence Interface, BICON 1.2.1, again brings a number of useful improvements:

  • In the BICON Explorer and Exporter, the logging level can be adjusted in the options.
  • The version number is now displayed correctly.
  • Via the options, you can specify which workbook is assigned as default or as empty workbook.
  • An invisible element in the Gantt charts that was made visible by an update from Vega has been hidden again.
  • Both BICON Explorer and Exporter provide a new settings menu for easy adjustment and information.
BICON 1.2.1 Configuration Dialog With New Settings/Information Buttons (Top Right)

Registered INOSIM BICON users can download the new Update, Release Notes, and User Manual from now on from the Downloads section of this website.

Do you have any questions or would like to know more about this topic? Please contact us.

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