15. September 2021 – 17. September 2021

Talk at 19. ASIM Symposium On Simulation In Production And Logistics

In current simulation approaches for the process industry, logistics and production are usually considered separately. This requires a broad expertise and makes it difficult to look at logistics and production at the same time. In addition, additional costs occur due to the need for multiple software licenses. The main problem with combining production and logistics simulation in one tool so far has been the mix of continuous and discrete behaviors in the processes.

Holistic Material Flow Simulation Of Industrial Processing Systems And Their Logistics

In this lecture, we will present a way to perform holistic simulations of production processes and their connected logistics with just one tool. The basis for this is the material flow simulation with the INOSIM Simulation Software that is established widely in the process industry. This tool by default offers solutions to map the complex conditions in non-continuous and continuous production processes holistically.

With its newly developed packaged-goods module, originating from the LEGOLAS Research Project and being seamlessly integrated into the INOSIM Simulation Environment, the connected logistics can now be implemented in models of production processes. This makes it possible to answer important questions such as “What does a change in production capacity mean for the utilization of logistics systems” or “How do planned and unplanned downtimes or delays affect the production process and storage capacities?” more quickly and reliably.

In the lecture, the procedure and the technical background are explained on the basis of a current case study.

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