7. March 2023

Not Only Fit In Their Heads

INOSIM participates as sponsor of the soccer tournament of the Faculty of Biochemical and Chemical Engineering of TU Dortmund

Football is a tradition in Dortmund, the headquarters of INOSIM. The Faculty of Biochemical and Chemical Engineering (BCI) at TU Dortmund is no exception to that, organizing an interdisciplinary football tournament every year – the BCI Cup. INOSIM was again represented as a sponsor and with an active player.

In their top form: The DYN&PAS team in jerseys sponsored by INOSIM

After several years of forced break (Corona and storms), the BCI Cup was held again in June 2022, supported by the alumni association fabcing. The venue was the soccer boxes of Dortmund University Sports on the university campus. Divided into eight teams, almost all the chairs and working groups of the faculty, with many male and some female players, participated.

High Performance and Thrilling Finale

The DYN&PAS team of the Chair of Process Dynamics/Process Automation Systems appeared in orange jerseys with company logo sponsored by INOSIM. An INOSIM employee also joined the team. The orange DYNosaurs won two of the three matches in the preliminary round and the semi-final. The final then was lost by Golden Goal, against the BMP/CVT/REC team, who wore BVB jerseys.

Looking forward to the next BCI-Cup

As usual in Dortmund, Schwarzgelb (Black-Yellow) won again this time. However, the DYNosaurs supported by INOSIM delivered a great tournament performance and were truly happy about their second place. Dominik Wolff, INOSIM employee and scorer in the preliminary round, drew a satisfied conclusion: “Great team and good atmosphere in the tournament. Even though the final was narrowly lost, I am already looking forward to the next BCI Cup.”

Hooray for the winners! In the end, Black-Yellow had the cup – typical Dortmund!

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