14. November 2023

INOSIM BICON 1.2.2 Is Now Available

The latest version of INOSIM´s Business Intelligence Interface, BICON 1.2.2, is now available. Again it brings a number of useful improvements:

Batches Dashboard Improvement of tooltips.
BICON General Gantt improvements:

  1. Custom Curves and Resources can be displayed in the Gantt.
  2. Colors of operations Types and Waiting Times on INOSIM: Colors have been adjusted – By parameter Color by WaitingType changing back to the old behavior is possible.
  3. Gantt Sheetswap made obsolete.
  4. Hover Highlight Action removed – Can still be enabled by clicking the order name in the tooltip.
  5. Performance improvement of the Gantt by optimization of table calculations.

Filters changed to make the options more comprehensive.

BICON Explorer
  1. Bug fixed by which the data type of shift calendar has been written falsely in the Schema.ini.
  2. Warning if no workbook for the assigning has been specified.
BICON Exporter
  1. Prefix in field Order: State removed.
  2. Bug fixed by which the time format with . as separator could not be exported.
Unit Utilization Analysis
  1. Performance improvement in Unit Utilization Gantt.
  2. Improved tooltips in the Running Utilization.
Waiting Times (Duration Dashboard)
  1. Bug fixed by which the tooltip for waiting times being only partially in the display area had displayed the value of the complete waiting time.
  2. Tooltips improved.

Registered INOSIM BICON users can download the new Update, Release Notes, and User Manual from now on from the Downloads section of this website.

Do you have any questions or would like to know more about this topic? Please contact us.

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