14. April 2021

Students gaining practical experience at INOSIM

From the very beginning, INOSIM has been committed to active promotion of young talents. Our physical proximity to TU Dortmund University makes us ideal for regularly offering students the opportunity for an internship, working student activities, and also writing their academic thesis in a challenging and exciting environment.

Sought-after simulation experts

Some former students are now leading sophisticated consulting projects in our company as young engineers. With and without a doctoral hat, we have also “exported” some of our talents to specialized engineering companies or global players in the process industry. Here you can get an overview of the consistently successful master theses from our company in recent years, directly from the pen of the former students.

Neha Jaykar: Simulation-Based Support Of Business Case Decisions In The Process Industry

In December 2017, I had the opportunity to start my master thesis at INOSIM Consulting GmbH in Dortmund, Germany. Dr. Christian Sonntag was my supervisor. In my paper, I developed a systematic approach to deal with uncertainties in business case decisions during the early planning phase of production processes. With this work I contributed to the results of the research project SkaMPi. For this purpose I have created a process model in INOSIM Expert Edition 11.0. Model development and subsequent Statistical Analysis in INOSIM provided sound results, which were further investigated in MATLAB 2017 using a sensitivity analysis. With an encouraging, productive working environment, friendly and supportive colleagues at INOSIM, and the dedicated supervision of Dr. Christian Sonntag, I was able to successfully submit and defend my master’s thesis at TU Dortmund University in June 2018. I will always appreciate my work and learning experiences at INOSIM.

Carina Glanemann-Heitkämper: Short-Cut Modeling And Simulation-Based Evaluation Of Plant Alternatives

From April to December 2019, I wrote my master’s thesis on short-cut modeling and simulation-based evaluation of plant alternatives using the example of a multi-stage separation at INOSIM Consulting GmbH, in cooperation with Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schembecker from TU Dortmund, Prof. Dr. Marcus Grünewald from RU Bochum, and the company Merck. During this work, I created a tool for the research project SkaMPi which served for the evaluation of plant alternatives in early modular process development.​

Both the good professional support and the great teamwork ensured that I felt right in the hands of INOSIM. The decision to continue my professional future at INOSIM Consulting GmbH after my master’s thesis was therefore not difficult for me.

Robin Ehrhardt: Optimal production planning for a pipeless laboratory plant using digital twins

I wrote my final thesis as part of the OptiProd.NRW project, academically supervised by the Process Dynamics and Operations Group (Prof. Sebastian Engell). I created a digital twin for a pipeless laboratory plant in INOSIM and programmed an Optimizer to find parameter sets that improve the production schedule in one of three areas. The final thesis started in spring 2020, shortly after the first lockdown began, and was completed at the end of 2020. As a result of the Corona crisis, my thesis was completely supervised remotely. Thanks to the flexibility and expertise of my supervisors in remote communication as well as the fact that INOSIM provided the necessary hardware for simulation and optimization, I felt completely well supported despite the difficult conditions and additional uncertainties.

Carolin Tewes: Influence Of Uncertainties In Modular Process Design

For my master’s thesis as part of the SkaMPi research project, I dealt with the influence of uncertainties in modular process design. To do this, I first expanded an existing INOSIM model and then investigated the influence of uncertainties on an example process provided by Merck.
From the academic side, my work was supervised by Prof. Dr. Gerhard Schembecker from TU Dortmund and Prof. Dr. Marcus Grünewald from RU Bochum. Since I enjoyed working with the INOSIM software very much and since I was in good hands with the team from the very beginning, it was not difficult for me to decide to become part of the INOSIM team after completing my thesis.

Engelbert Pasieka: Metaheuristic Optimization Of Production Planning Problems In The Process Industry

In November 2020, I started my master thesis at INOSIM Software GmbH, in cooperation with the Process Dynamics and Operations Group (Prof. Sebastian Engell). Within the framework of the research project OptiProd.NRW, I am working on the development of a new method that should be able to find near-optimal solutions to complex scheduling problems using stochastic metaheuristic optimization techniques. A process from the pharmaceutical industry with realistic framework conditions serves as a benchmark. I created the simulation model with INOSIM and connected it to the Optimizer. The main parts of the work are using intelligent selection of heuristics to drive the optimization towards promising solutions, tuning the Optimizer as well as possible, and extensively testing the problem and the Optimizer statistically.

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