2. May 2023

Umami Meats Is INOSIM’s New Customer In The APAC Area

INOSIM is very glad to announce that we are on-boarding Umami Meats as our customer.

Singapore-based food manufacturer Umami Meats specializes in the production of cultivated fish using in-vitro processes. Umami is focused on developing delicious, affordable, healthy cell-cultured seafood that provides conscious consumers with a more sustainable alternative to wild-caught and farmed fish that is better for them, for our oceans, and for our planet.

Singapore, the home of Umami Meats, is the only country in the world to allow the consumption of cultivated meat so far. Founded in 2020, Umami has now applied for a patent to produce a variety of tissues from just one cell line. Furthermore, a plant-based growth medium has been developed, a matter which until now has been an economic bottleneck in the cultivation of meat.

An Innovative Company Utilizing INOSIM Process Simulation

INOSIM is very proud to partner with Umami on their vision towards a sustainable future. Umami Meats intends to use INOSIM Process Design and Optimization capability that will help to understand key levers for improving process efficiency, to design and optimize the footprint of their pilot facility, and to conduct what-if analyses on their production process and facility.

“Cultivated Meats is an exciting futuristic application area, and we are very looking forward to this partnership with Umami Meats in their innovation journey”, says Ramadoss Magesh, INOSIM Solutions India Private Limited.

“We believe that novel bioprocess designs will be critical to scaling cultivated seafood production at affordable prices for consumers. We are pleased to be working with INOSIM to power our process modelling and optimization work, enabling us to rapidly screen and validate process design variations”, says Mihir Pershad, CEO Umami Meats.

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