29. October 2021

News From INOSIM Software Development, 4. Quarter, 2021

INOSIM 13 Development Is Completed

After intensive development work and extensive testing, INOSIM 13 is now available as the latest version of our software for process simulation. The tool was further modernized with regard to programming and usability. Among other aspects, an extensive wish list from our customers influenced the development.

These are some of the most relevant changes:

New Technology For Dialogs

WPF dialogs: A variety of dialogs, including Units, Recipes, Unit Procedures, Operations, Recipe editor, and many more, have been rewritten in WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation). This graphics framework and window system of the NET Framework by Microsoft enables the development of modern data-driven business applications. Through the use of WPF dialogs, INOSIM is adapted to modern hardware and software environments. Performance and security of the application are increased. Practically nothing changes in the handling of the dialogs. Changes from the user’s perspective are documented in the context-sensitive online help of the concerned items.

New Basic Editor Features

The INOSIM Basic Editor has also been converted to WPF and now supports not only WWB-COM but also the WWB.NET Visual Basic language variant. The background for that is enabling the use of .NET libraries in INOSIM. This is accompanied by a change of the default Visual Basic language variant to WWB.NET.

The handling of macros in the Basic Editor has been extensively expanded. The macros can now be linked to external files (e.g., in the file system of a PC) and be synchronized with them via push and pull functions. The synchronization, in conjunction with an external versioning software, thus provides the means to better keep track of changes to the basic code.

In addition, it is now possible to set a password for individual basic macros in order to protect them from accidental changes. When using the #Uses statement, external files can now also be selected via the dialog. With an options’ dialog, either the basic language variant WWB. NET or WWB-COM can be set for new macros.

Improved Gantt Chart

The Gantt chart uses new colors to better distinguish the visual elements (bars). The Properties window now additionally displays the phase (set up, cleaning, …). The phase can be selected as a bar color/label in the Label and Color selection menus in the toolbar. The width of the static timeline now matches the width of the diagram timeline. The static timeline now contains (like the diagrams) a second time unit scale. When defining views, the list of available elements can be filtered by different criteria (e.g., category, sub-string). Finally, the display of inactive elements (units, graphs, bar rows) in the Gantt chart can now be optionally hidden via a command in the View menu.

Even Better Usability

The index of the user documentation (Online Help) has been expanded. In addition, all VBA code examples in the Help have been converted to WWB.NET. The documentation of the basic objects has been supplemented with numerous hierarchical images. Further usability improvements concern the design of dialogs and the output of error messages and reports.

BICON: Integrated Business Intelligence Connector

BICON interface (soon to come): Users with a BICON license can access the INOSIM Business Intelligence Connector via the INOSIM GUI. BICON can be linked to a project in the project dialog. A special BICON configuration dialog offers access to all BICON features.

Other Innovations And Enhancements

The Basic object model has been expanded with a variety of new events, properties, and methods for an even more advanced and highly flexible process simulation. Further information on this is available in our latest tips and tricks and in this article about INOSIM 13 from the engineer´s view.

Registered INOSIM customers get more detailed information about the new developments and changes in INOSIM 13 in the Release Notes (please log in and then download here).

Do you have any questions or would like to know more about this topic? Please contact us.

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