22. November 2023

Integration of Simulation into DTU's Engineering Education

DTU (Denmark’s Technical University) is a public university in Lyngby, Denmark. According to the renowned European Ranking of Engineering Programs (EngiRank), DTU is considered the best technical university in Europe in research and teaching. More than 11,000 students at DTU acquire state-of-the-art knowledge with a practical orientation in almost all engineering sciences in 21 departments.

Boosting DTU’s Engineering Education

Already in the past, DTU students have worked intensively with the INOSIM Software in jointly supervised dissertations and doctoral theses together with industrial customers of INOSIM. The growing importance of INOSIM among large Danish companies, such as Novo Nordisk or Christian Hansen, has now led DTU itself to make INOSIM licenses available to its students. Prof. Jakob Kjøbsted Huusom (Associate Professor, Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering) is pleased that INOSIM process simulation can be used in the teaching of master’s and doctoral teaching programs in the future: “DTU intends to integrate INOSIM simulation and scheduling in M.Sc. and PhD education and collaborate on advanced scheduling analysis with the biotech sector of Denmark based on thesis projects.”

INOSIM proudly supports academic institutions to introduce discrete event simulation in their engineering education. This way, future engineers can develop a skill set that is not only highly desirable by employers across the globe, but also enables them to engineer sustainable solutions for current challenges in the process industry. Since INOSIM is widely used in Denmark’s strong biotech and pharma industry, using INOSIM simulation in DTU’s chemical engineering program is a valuable addition.

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