1. September 2020

Start of the KEEN Innovation platform

Start of the KEEN Innovation platform

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a key enabling technology for the process industry. Its promise is to deliver huge advancements in productivity, efficiency, sustainability, and safety of modern engineering and production. With the objective to introduce AI technologies and methods in the process industry and to evaluate and implement their technical, economical, and social potential, the KEEN innovation platform has been founded in the spring of 2020. It connects 20 partners from industrial companies and scientific institutions, including INOSIM. KEEN is one of the winners of the Innovation Competition Artificial Intelligence of the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi) that supports lighthouse projects for the development of AI-based platform concepts. This reflects the large importance of AI for Germany, its politics and society.

AI-based Batch Production Support

As a partner within KEEN, INOSIM will develop innovate AI-based solutions alongside a strong consortium of partners such as Bayer, Evonik, Merck, TU Dresden, TU Dortmund, and many others. INOSIM is developing a batch production support system that connects modern AI methods with the established INOSIM simulation software suite to provide adaptive real-time predictions. That will make the complex behavior of modern batch plants transparent to plant operators and production managers. These high-quality predictions are essential for increased plant safety and efficiency (e.g., by allowing for more accurate production and maintenance planning). Furthermore, they will enable significant financial and resource savings (e.g., by avoiding plant shutdowns due to accurate forecasting of the effects of failures and breakdowns). The system will be validated and demonstrated on a real-world production plant of an industrial cooperation partner. This will bridge the infamous Valley of Death that so often prevents the successful transfer of innovative solutions to industrial practice.

The Goal of KEEN

INOSIM’s head of innovation, Dr. Christian Sonntag, is very happy that our company is a part of the KEEN innovation platform: “Most people agree that AI has the potential to be the key driver for future technological developments and innovations in the processing sector. However, concrete AI-based tools and solutions are still rare. The goal of KEEN is to create such tangible solutions that add value to the operations of the industrial partners and to demonstrate that AI can actually deliver on its promises.”

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