8. March 2023

INOSIM Software Development Newsflash, 1st Quarter, 2023


INOSIM BICON 1.2 provides a lot of new features which are listed below. The most prominent feature is the new Power BI support in addition to the previous version´s Tableau support.

Get an overview of the new features provided by INOSIM BICON 1.2 in the following list:

BICON General:

1. UnitTransfers are now implemented to the data model.
2. Shift Calendars are exported.
3. (Stages) are exported.
4. Seconds offset with Filling Levels.

BICON Explorer:

1. Full Power BI Integration.
2. The menus have been further optimized.

Export (for details, see the BICON 1.2 release notes, download link below)

1. A lot of new fields are exportable.
2. Export Row IDs are exported now.
3. Exportable Categories have been added.
4. Exportable Data Types have been added.

Filling Level Analysis

1. New Dashboard.
2. Enables the analysis of Filling Levels over any subarea of the simulation (see our Tip & Trick Tank Level Evaluation)

Resource Dashboard

1. Option to shift between Cumulative Amount and Shift Calendar when displaying resources.
2. Histogram evaluation of resource consumptions in the selected time area.
3. Removed resources diagram over the week.

Tableau Workbooks

1. Improved Timeline with buttons for shifting the selected area to the left/right.
2. Duration Dashboard.
3. The Gantt chart can arrange parallel events over several lines, equivalent to INOSIM Gantt.
4. Custom Bars can be displayed.
5. Shift Calendars can be displayed.

Unit Utilization Dashboard

1. Improved display of failures occuring in the Allocation Time.

Unit Utilization Analysis

1. New Dashboard.
2. Enables the calculation of Unit Utilizations over any subarea of the simulation.

Please note: For registered INOSIM users, the new INOSIM BICON 1.2, the Release Notes, and the User Manual are available in the Downloads section of our website.

Do you have any questions or would like to know more about this topic? Please contact us.

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