Extend INOSIM’s advanced analytics capabilities by powerful visualizations with business intelligence solutions

INOSIM BICON (Business Intelligence Connector) automatically integrates your simulation results with leading Business Intelligence (BI) solutions, such as Tableau or MS Power BI. With BICON, you can lift your simulation projects to the next level – convince your stakeholders with intuitive visualizations of your results – enterprise-wide and on desktop, web, or mobile. INOSIM BICON comes with example visualizations and predefined dashboards for a user-friendly entrance to the revolutionary world of BI-based simulation evaluation.

Benefit from modern business intelligence solutions

  • Create comprehensive visualizations from INOSIM data like unit statistics, resource allocation, material balances or custom attributes.
  • Explore data fast and intuitively. Avoid running through complex data tables.
  • Arrange multiple visualizations and data on dashboards for an improved understanding of interdependencies.
  • Extend created visualizations with data from further experiments, or integrate external data sources such as historical plant data to evaluate your results.
  • Easily share interactive results and visualizations company-wide with business intelligence server solutions.
  • Reuse your visualizations and dashboards as templates for further projects.

Easy Start-up

INOSIM BICON comes with a set of examples and auxiliary materials to ensure an easy start-up even for non-experts in Business Intelligence solutions. Included are:

  • Predefined Tableau worksheet and dashboard templates.
  • A demo model to exemplarily feed the dashboards and understand the workflow.
  • An extensive documentation of INOSIM BICON and the included examples.

Intuitive Workflow

The INOSIM BICON connector works as an intuitive plug-and-play solution.

  • Activate the BICON extension in your INOSIM project.
  • Set a target folder for the exported data on your device.
  • Each INOSIM experiment will automatically store its results separately.
  • Decide which results to export or export them all.
  • Run a simulation.
  • Start your business intelligence solution and analyze your results.


The BICON data format has been designed to provide comfortable access to your simulation results also for all BI solutions. BICON provides native support for Tableau and Power BI. It provides tools to comfortably configure default workbooks for BICON data sets.

You are using a different business intelligence solution? There is a good chance it will work anyway. Reach out to us for more information about the current connection status of your tool.

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