9. December 2021

Feel Free To Visit Us On Reddit!

The Reddit platform is a rapidly growing information and discussion portal on the World Wide Web. Social news is shared in forums here, the so-called subreddits. The Reddit forums depend on the active participation of users. If you are particularly interested in certain topics, you can subscribe to the corresponding subreddits. Founded in 2008, Reddit now has around 430 million users.

Since November 2021, INOSIM is also represented on the discussion platform Reddit. Besides daily access to hot-off-the-press announcements and news, our subreddit also offers the opportunity to exchange questions, tips and tricks with other INOSIM or BICON users. The INOSIM Subreddit can be accessed from now on via the link www.reddit.com/r/INOSIM/.

Do you have any questions or would like to know more about this topic? Please contact us.

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