17. September 2021

Ending The Dry Spell: The INOSIM Summer Festival 2021

Ending The Dry Spell: The INOSIM Summer Festival 2021

This year’s INOSIM Summer Festival, which our employees and their families celebrated in Dortmund on the first weekend of September 2021, had a very special meaning. Since our last year’s internal party had to be cancellled due to COVID-19, this year´s event was dedicated to overcoming the pandemic. Freshly vaccinated and notably relieved after some privations during the Corona period, our reinforced staff and their loved ones, old and young, met at Dortmund’s Phoenix Lake.

Joyful Reunion

At the initial coffee party, we welcomed three new employees – for many of us an opportunity to finally get to know each other personally after the Lockdown and Home Office. Even an employee of our US Dependance INOSIM Solutions LLC had not hesitated to take the long journey from Dallas/Texas and clearly enjoyed the contact with the German colleagues.

Escape Room Game

According to this year’s motto “Escape work, enjoy life!”, the party continued with two outdoor Espace Room Games. Five playgroups took over the shores of Lake Phoenix and the city of Dortmund in search of the “Phantom of Dortmund” or during “Operation Mindfall”. The aim was to solve tricky tasks in a given time that were related to the respective environment with the help of our smartphones. A lot of fun for the INOSIM employees, all of them being used to analytical thinking!

Convivial Evening

During the subsequent dinner and social get-together, the opportunities to refreshing old friendships and getting to know the new colleagues were used joyfully. Even a former employee, now working for a global player of the process industry, couldn’t help but stop by for a few hours. At the end of the ceremony, INOSIM CEO Peter Balling came to a satisfied conclusion: “The great sense of belonging within the INOSIM family has proven itself impressively in times of the pandemic. So it felt even more beautiful to celebrate the end of this difficult time together. Everyone is looking forward to starting collectively again in the future!”

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