25. March 2022

BICON 1.1 Brings Ease Of Use And Better Performance

With the latest INOSIM BICON Update 1.1 there are improvements that offer new possibilities and make it easier for you to use.

Visualization of Custom Messages

By integrating the Custom Messages into the main data source, you can now visualize simulation messages even more easily. To support this, the Tableau and Power BI workbooks have been updated: the custom messages are now visualized in the Tableau Standard Workbook.

Timeline selection

A new timeline makes it easier than ever to select a time range: just select the desired time range to filter the visualizations accordingly – just like you would do in the INOSIM Gantt.

Better Performance

By connecting data with relationships instead of joins, performance has been improved especially for large models, and the creation of visualizations is simplified.

Enhanced Sample Model

Our included sample model “Paint Factory” has been enhanced with Custom Messages and Custom Data to allow you to test all features and new developments comfortably.

Update Details

In detail, the new update BICON 1.1 contains the following innovations and improvements:

The BICON Exporter data model has been changed:

Custom Messages are now integrated into the INOSIM_DataDyn_Union. The Custom Messages timestamps now show the simulation timestamp instead of the real timestamp. The path to the base directory can now be entered directly. Units that are part of multiple unit pools and resources that are part of multiple resource pools now have a comma separated list in their respective “Unit Pool: Name” / “Resource Pool: Name” field. Before, only the alphabetically first pool was listed.

New features of the BICON Explorer:

On reassigning a workbook, the BICON explorer now checks for the existence of all required files. The path to the base directory can now be entered directly. A button to restore the provided workbooks to an unmodified state has been added. In the context menu, an option to save a data export as a .hyper file was added. The example project Paint Factory was enhanced with Custom Messages and Custom Data.

Updated the Tableau- and Power BI workbooks:

Tableau workbooks now utilize relationships instead of joins. The BICON standard workbook now includes a timeline similar to INOSIM’s Gantt chart. Choose a time range by marking it on the timeline. Added a visualization of Custom Messages. Descriptions of workbook functionalities have been added. Added a template dashboard simplifies dashboard creation. Dashboards now automatically scale to window size. Power BI workbooks have been adjusted to match Tableau workbooks: BICON_Empty_Template.pbix only contains the data model, BICON_Default.pbix contains the data model and some example visualizations.

Release Notes

The updates version and the release notes for BICON 1.1 is available for registered customers via Downloads > Software > INOSIM BICON.

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