6. December 2022

Zuzanna Plech Takes Over INOSIM Sales For Spain, Portugal, And LATAM

We are pleased to welcome Zuzanna Plech as a new employee. She manages our new location in Spain: At INOSIM Solutions Iberica SL, Zuzanna is responsible for sales in the areas of Spain, Portugal, and Latin America. Zuzanna is a profound speaker of Spanish und Portuguese. She brings many years of international experience in the development of new markets in various industries, mainly in the Latin American market. She has also worked as a manager in multinational companies, including the process industry, in several countries.

Zuzanna Plech describes her new role as follows: “INOSIM offers its customers sophisticated solutions that regularly need to be explained in the sales process. I am looking forward to contributing to the spread of this cutting-edge technology in the Latin American and Southern European markets. INOSIM has the best simulation tool for optimizing processes and the resources involved. I am convinced that we have the best team of professionals in the world to meet the demanding demands of our customers.”

Peter Balling, INOSIM CEO, is looking forward to working with Zuzanna Plech: “Our previous experience with international sales in Europe, the USA, and Southeast Asia confirms an old rule: nothing happens without knowledge of the culture and, above all, the language of the respective destination country. This is particularly true when it comes to communicating and distributing innovative technologies. We have therefore consciously strengthened ourselves with Zuzanna Plech. Her extensive knowledge and relationships help us to build a stable and lasting bridge to the markets in Spain, Portugal and Latin America. “

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