17. May 2023

INOSIM Software Development Newsflash, 2nd Quarter, 2023

Parallel Simulation With INOSIM 14

The new version 14 of INOSIM can significantly speed up simulation runs by means of parallel simulation. The new feature is activated with two new COM Interface properties of INOSIM.

  • The ShareDatabase property allows multiple INOSIM instances to use a database file.
  • The WriteResults property disables the writing of simulation results to the database.

If these properties are set accordingly, several instances of INOSIM can simulate different variants of an experiment at the same time.

Use Cases

Parallel simulation becomes directly available with the new stand-alone versions of INOSIM Statistical Analysis and INOSIM Optimization.

The program window of the stand-alone Statistical Analysis is shown here. Users can select a database, a project, and an experiment independently of INOSIM. In the Execution tab, users specify the license type to be used and the number of parallel simulation instances. The output of the completed simulation runs is shown below. Apart from that, the handling is identical to that of the built-in Statistical Analysis in INOSIM.

Performance Acceleration

The diagram shows measurements of acceleration on different computers. The displayed values are related to the duration of the analysis with one simulation instance (= factor 1).

With 5 or 6 parallel instances, the acceleration is at a factor of 4 to 5.

Currently, with more parallel instances, the acceleration can only be increased slightly due to the computer architecture used. The future will show whether a further increase is possible.

Benefit From Parallel Simulation With The New INOSIM Core Edition!

Especially for parallel simulation, INOSIM offers the new Core Edition at a reasonable price. It is faster and requires less memory than the other, interactive INOSIM variants. The Core Edition will be available soon with the upcoming INOSIM Version 14.

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