1. June 2022

ZETA Uses INOSIM Process Simulation For Precise Engineering

The biopharmaceutical market is showing high growth rates. Worldwide, capacities for the production of high-quality medicines are being built up. The Austrian ZETA Group has established itself as a reliable and globally operating engineering partner in this challenging environment. ZETA designs, builds, automates, and qualifies plants for aseptic liquid production processes in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. These highly complex, tailor-made facilities produce biopharmaceutical active ingredients such as anti-cancer agents, insulin, vaccines, or infusions.

Customized Trainings for ZETA

For a large biopharmaceutical production company, which has been using INOSIM Process Simulation for several years, ZETA is now taking over the engineering at a German location. In this context, ZETA employees are introduced to the application of INOSIM process simulation in customized trainings. In general, ZETA engineering will be made even more efficient and more accurate by using process simulation with INOSIM. Specifically, this means that the modeling of a planned plant as part of the engineering as well as the subsequent analysis and optimization are to be carried out directly by ZETA with the help of INOSIM software.

Forming A Powerful Simulation Team

Torsten Mosebach, INOSIM’s engineer responsible for the qualification of ZETA employees, is pleased about the new cooperation: “Zeta has recognized the advantages of simulation over homemade tools and has successfully immersed itself in project management after the training. By deploying four trained INOSIM users, Zeta has also directly recognized the importance of simulation for engineering projects and data analytics and has formed a powerful simulation team.”

Process Simulation at ZETA

Michael Christ, who is responsible for the project at ZETA, emphasizes the concrete benefits of using process simulation in engineering: “Already a small number of individually simple components combined can result in complex system behavior. An intuitive estimation of potentials, bottlenecks, and required capacities of additives and resources is only possible with great uncertainty. Process simulation offers the opportunity to develop more precisely and to identify future challenges in the operation of the plant at an early stage.”

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