14. November 2023

The Rock Star Of Digitalization: Foresight On The Road

INOSIM Foresight rocks! With our new, revolutionary solution, companies can view and optimize their ongoing production: It generates intuitive, company-wide visualizations of important predictive production data and KPIs in the blink of an eye. INOSIM Foresight informs planners, plant managers, maintenance teams and plant operators in real time what stage their plant is currently in, what tasks are on the horizon and what steps should be taken next. This powerful software has real rock star potential for the digitization of the process industry!

Loading the Tour Bus

Once a new album is produced and the set is rehearsed intensively, a rock band has only one thing left: they have to get back on the road, to their fans. In the case of INOSIM Foresight, this meant that the new solution was fully developed and tested in extensive trials with well-known industrial partners. Now it was time to get on the “tour bus” and make the groundbreaking technology known all over the country.

In recent months we have met old and new fans of INOSIM Foresight at various events, be it discussion rounds, specialist lectures or one-on-one talks at trade fairs. Follow the stations of our tour here and read about the insights, discussions, and often enthusiastic reactions.

Würzburg: Smart Process Manufacturing Congress

Following the meeting of the Process Simulation Working Group, the two-day Smart Process Manufacturing Congress, which has established itself as one of the best addresses for all experts in the German process industry for whom digitization is not just a buzzword, took place in Würzburg on September, 13 and 14. Numerous keynote speeches, deep dive sessions and discussion rounds focused on the central question of how the process industry can shape the change towards digitization and sustainability. In addition, the accompanying exhibition and the evening event provided ample space for intensive discussions (read a report here).

Tandem presentation with industrial partner Bayer

There was great interest in the tandem presentation by Bayer and INOSIM on the question of how high-precision digital twins can be used to raise unused optimization potentials on industrial batch plants:

  • How can the throughput of a batch system be increased and maintenance costs minimized?
  • How do you manage employees and resources?
  • And how can plant behaviour be made transparent and predictive?

Using the practical example of Bayer’s acarbose plant in Wuppertal, Dr. Christian Sonntag and Dr. Andreas Schluck showed how INOSIM Foresight can efficiently face these challenges and what needs to be considered during implementation.

In Würzburg, Dr. Christian Sonntag (INOSIM) and Dr. Andreas Schluck (Bayer, right), presented results from an INOSIM-Bayer Foresight pilot project

As media cooperation partner of the congress, INOSIM was also represented with a booth at the congress. In addition to many exciting discussions and use cases on the new INOSIM Foresight solution, many participants also learned about material flow simulation over the entire life cycle with INOSIM Software Solutions.

Berlin: European Congress Of Chemical Engineering

Every two years, the European Federation of Chemical Engineering (EFCE) organises the ECCE (European Congress Of Chemical Engineering). It brings together a diverse spectrum of global industry experts, innovative startups, researchers, and students from all parts of the continent and beyond, who engage in discussions and collaborations to shape the future of the process industry. This year’s ECCE took place from September 17 to 21 in Berlin.

Largest conference room for INOSIM Foresight

On the first day of the conference, in the Digital Transformation session, Dr. Christian Sonntag from INOSIM presented the new INOSIM Foresight solution for predictive decision support which is already being used productively at companies such as Bayer, CSL Behring, and BASF. Due to the relevance of the topic, the lecture, which was held in the largest lecture room of the conference, met with great interest from both academic and industrial participants of the session.

The great interest was also reflected in the following congress days, which were characterized by productive discussions on predictive decision support, opportunities for strategic cooperation, and concrete use cases of INOSIM Foresight in industrial batch production.

In Berlin, Dr. Christian Sonntag demonstrated how Foresight Dashboards depict complex production

Münster: BASF Startup Cup

Startups are the backbone of rapid innovation worldwide. On September 27, 2023, the best startups in Germany gathered for the finals of the GFFT e. V. German Startup Cup at BASF Coatings GmbH in Münster to compete for the titles in the fields of Production 4.0 and Smart Logistics.

The Cup Symposium was accompanied by inspiring keynotes and panels on Industry 4.0, Supply Chain Management, Smart Production, and Increasing Sustainability in Industry. Innovations could be reviewed and discussed at numerous information booths.

Panel discussion on Smart Production

At the invitation of the organizer BASF, INOSIM Head of Innovation Dr. Christian Sonntag participated as a technology expert in a panel discussion on Smart Production as a Unique Selling Point for Germany. Together with Armin Pühringer (SAP Deutschland SE & Co. KG), Falk Plonus (Ing. Punzenberger Copa Data GmbH), Martin Prinz (coac GmbH), Daniel Wauben (ChemCologne e. V.), and Dr. Jens Wegner (BASF Coatings GmbH), Christian gave an overview of his experiences in the field of smart production from both an academic and an industrial perspective. Smart Production is already here, and there is no doubt that Germany as a location will lose its role as an innovation leader in the global market without significant further developments in the field of smart production. With its new solution INOSIM Foresight, INOSIM is a global innovation driver, especially in the field of batch production, and the Foresight platform is an important basis for the data-driven digital transformation of industry on the road to Industry 5.0.

In the Production 4.0 category, the startup Sustayn won with a platform for motivating employees to act sustainably. In the field of smart logistics, the start-up Grünfuchs GmbH won, which is revolutionizing inner-city logistics sustainably on the last mile. Congratulations to all the winners!

Dr. Christian Sonntag (speaking) of INOSIM at the expert talk of the BASF Startup Cup 2023

Marburg: Open Day at SIGMA

SIGMA Process & Automation GmbH is an experienced specialist in process engineering and measurement technology as well as automation, manufacturing intelligence, process simulation, and system integration in all areas of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. As an implementation partner for the new INOSIM Foresight solution, SIGMA´s Open Day on September 28 in Marburg was an important meeting point for INOSIM. Throughout the day, numerous company representatives learned with great interest about the INOSIM portfolio, and in particular about INOSIM Foresight.

New Foresight use case saves energy with cleanroom operations

The INOSIM team had a few innovations for the special occasion: A new use case for energy optimization in cleanrooms, which can enable savings of up to 80 % due to the accurate Foresight forecasts. And a brand new INOSIM Foresight Demonstrator, which ran online on OT data from an AVEVA-PI system and showed even better what added value the online connection can really bring in practice. Both innovations were developed in close cooperation with SIGMA and provide a strong basis for future cooperation between SIGMA and INOSIM.

They are proud of the brandnew Foresight Demonstrator (right) and the productive cooperation: Michael Erkel (left) of Sigma and Dominik Wolff of INOSIM

Conclusion: INOSIM Foresight is well received!

Dr. Christian Sonntag and Dominik Wolff of INOSIM summarize the many impressions and discussions of the INOSIM Foresight Promo Tour: “We have had very busy but very successful weeks. And given the huge interest, it was worth the effort. We now know much more precisely that Foresight meets the needs of the process industry, and which applications our future customers have in mind. Now we are looking forward to turning the many new, interesting contacts of the past weeks into tailor-made Foresight installations for our future customers – so we have already developed our concept for cleanroom ventilation based on concrete feedback. The next stop of our Foresight tour will be the PAAT Annual Meeting 2023 on November 20, 2023 in Frankfurt/Main!”

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