10. April 2018

Worlée Chemie Increasingly Applies INOSIM Process Simulation

Convinced By Simulation

Worlée Chemie Increasingly Applies INOSIM Process Simulation

The German company Worlée-Chemie GmbH is a subsidiary of E. H. Worlée & Co. (GmbH & Co.) KG, a Hanseatic family enterprise based in Hamburg, Germany. As a production and distribution company, in the value chain Worlée with its product portfolio is the connecting link between the raw materials industry and the processing industry.

At the North German production sites of Lauenburg and Lübeck, on the one hand the company produces modern and eco-friendly binding agents and additives for the coating industry. The assortment of chemical raw materials covers aqueous and solvent-based acrylate and alkyd resins, aqueous alkyd emulsions, polyesters, epoxy esters, and numerous additives for several applications. Products from renowned international manufacturers complement this broad delivery program.

On the other hand, Worlée produces cosmetic raw materials which occur in decorative and care cosmetics. The portfolio of the cosmetics business unit covers, besides polymer chemical raw materials, numerous plant extracts and natural peeling particles which base on modern particle technology, being especially eco-friendly and skin-friendly. These chemical and cosmetics raw materials are distributed by Worlée to customers around the world. Worlée feels highly obliged to environmental goals like energy efficiency, resource protection and climate protection, just like INOSIM. Hence, it is highly appropriate that Worlée enforces the optimization of its production by means of INOSIM products and services.

Successful INOSIM Simulation Projects at Worlée

Initially with the help of INOSIM Consulting GmbH, Worlée successfully finished a first trial of process simulation in the areas of data analysis and evaluation by the turn of the year 2014/15. In the spring of 2015 then, Worlée’s first own INOSIM license supported an autonomous start. Convinced by positive experience with the benefits and flexibility of INOSIM Software, Worlée during the first three quarters of the last year implemented four other simulation projects in the areas of data analysis, strategical planning and engineering. This finally led to a massive expansion of Worlée’s INOSIM license outfit.

Wilfried Köncke, senior process engineer with Worlée, is looking forward to continuing running projects and initiating new undertakings in the present year. Peter Balling, INOSIM CEO, emphasizes the fact that Worlée Chemie GmbH is another highly innovative mid-size company which trusts in INOSIM products. For both enterprises, this cooperation is one more step towards industry 4.0, which means a more intelligent, more economic and more sustainable mode of production on the global level.

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