19. March 2024

More comfort In The Gantt With The New INOSIM 14

The new INOSIM program version 14 will be released shortly. In addition to a large number of new features, this time our developers have focused on making it even easier for users to use already familiar features. An example of this is the improved usability of the Gantt diagram in the new INOSIM 14.

Better display of Waiting Times

To display Waiting Times with Waiting Time color and operation labels, the toolbar provides additional modes. There are now five different colour and labeling combinations to choose from.

Display options for Waiting Times in the Gantt Chart

Easy setup of Views

The search function in the View Properties dialog has been improved: the search field is now permanently displayed and the list of view elements is updated while the search text is entered in the field. Until now, you had to leave the field with the search text first. Similarly, with version 14 it is possible to use the search function within a category.

INOSIM Gantt chart, View Properties, list of Items not to show, search for Substring with search entry and search result

Intuitive handling of Experiments

Experiments containing simulation results are now displayed in bold in the Project window of the INOSIM Gantt chart. In addition, the Project window now displays a hint if a diagram view has not yet been opened.

Project frame with simulated experiment (bold) and hint for handling

More options for Curves

The height of curves in the Diagram view can now be set via the Tools > Options dialog.

INOSIM Gantt chart, change Height of curves

In the Curves dialog, you can now set the maximum and minimum values for the upper and lower bounds of Custom Curves, as well as high and low values. Negative values are now also possible but hidden by default.

Custom Curve with negative values and high and low values

Permanent display and fixation of the Date Ruler

Until now, the Date Ruler could only be displayed by holding down the Shift key and would then follow the mouse pointer. Now, the Date Ruler can be permanently activated with a button and fixed to a position in the Gantt chart. To move the ruler, press the Shift key as usual.

INOSIM Gantt, displaying the Date Ruler

The new version INOSIM 14 will be available soon. All registered INOSIM users will additionally be informed by our customer mailing.

Do you have any questions or would like to know more about this topic? Please contact us.

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