9. July 2013

Ten Years of INOSIM

Great Anniversary

How time is running! It is now ten years ago that INOSIM was founded by Peter Balling. His vision at that time was to provide German and European process industries with high-performance simulation tools. Those had already been established in the piece goods industries at that time.

It all started with Tecnomatix Plant Simulation. From 1997 on, Peter Balling had been in charge of the pan-European distribution of that piece-good oriented simulation tool at the chemical division of Tecnomatix (today Siemens). Very soon he realized: Chances to establish a Tecnomatix-based, batch-oriented simulation software especially for process industries were tremendous. German and European process industries only seemed to be waiting for such a tool.

The Foundation of INOSIM

Together with the foundation of INOSIM in July 2003, the development of the process simulation tool INOSIM Batch began. Now Peter could convince the process industry’s global players of the advantages provided by simulation: Plant optimization, transparent production process, flexible response to changing market conditions, energy efficiency, environmental-friendly production, and increase of output.

Always striving for technological advance, INOSIM has been a partner for scientific research and development right from the beginning. From 2006 on, our simulation tools were deployed in a project for the development of bio-engineering methods founded by the German Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU). In 2008, a research participation on downstream processing followed, founded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Since 2010, INOSIM engages in a BMBF project on energy efficiency management for process industries; another EU-funded project on this topic will even start this year. Besides, INOSIM is experimenting with the application of process simulation for the emulation of human metabolism, for example to help people suffering from chronic diseases.

Software and Consulting Services

As a spin-off from a research project, in 2010 INOSIM Consulting came to life. This company’s target is to support process industries in conceptioning, analysis, and optimization of their production. The services which are provided by INOSIM Consulting are ranging from creating or evaluating process designs up to process-comprehensive optimization of production.

Today INOSIM is offering a broad range of technologies and services all about process simulation, based on the two pillars Software and Consulting. Our work’s core is the high-end simulation tool INOSIM Professional 10.0, which has been completed just in time to our company’s tenth anniversary. Peter Balling: „When it comes to openness and flexibility concerning the emulation and analysis of batch processing, by today this application is unequaled. In times of growing international competition pressure and rising standards in efficiency and sustainability, INOSIM´s sophisticated simulation solutions and services are up to date more than ever.”

We are ready for the future!

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