11. May 2016

Simulation Optimizes Production at Sanofi

Establishing Simulation

The Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH belongs to Sanofi, a Global Player in the pharmaceutical industry. As of late, the company applies INOSIM process simulation software. In its Frankfurt/Main factory, a production plant should be extended to allow making new products as well as increasing the overall production amount. Using the Expert Edition, our consultants developed a simulation model for that purpose. The very complex model covered:

  • Several products and production pools
  • Manufacturing processes incl. cleaning protocols (CIP/SIP)
  • Division of production batches into several parts (GMP-conform production)

Based on this model, INOSIM developed a customized input matrix, allowing the customer to analyze and optimize the production as well as the further development of the future plant. Convinced by that result, Sanofi-Aventis decided to acquire their own license of INOSIM Expert Edition for their autonomous modification and long-term application of the generated simulation model. Thus making the production capacity more flexible and extending the product portfolio could be reached by simulation and will be furthermore secured.

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