Functional Description and Comparison

The INOSIM simulation environment is a Windows-compatible standard software for event-oriented dynamic simulation of multi-product plants with mixed, batch, and continuous processes.

Use built-in modeling components like units, resources, recipes, and orders to create a model of a plant at any desired level of detail and complexity. Then, simulate processing steps for numerous pieces of equipment and generate holistic mass and energy balances covering the entire production network to evaluate dynamic process behavior. Further evaluate your production by accessing our integrated Excel reports and INOSIM Gantt to analyze unit utilization, resource demands, and more. Apply INOSIM to facilitate:

  • Designing new plants (or plant extensions)
  • Production capacity planning and scheduling
  • Bottleneck analysis of existing or projected production equipment
  • Analysis of failure and maintenance influences

Comparison of the INOSIM Editions

The INOSIM simulation environment is available in four editions, not including the free Viewer, each with a different functional range:

  • Expert Edition: Full version with all available functions.
  • Plant Edition: Restricted version, focusing on material flow analysis.
  • Process Edition: Restricted version, focusing on process engineering calculations.
  • Runtime Edition: Exclusively for the simulation of already existing projects. Parameters can be changed.
  • Viewer: Free version exclusively for displaying model elements and results of simulated projects.

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Elements and Functions

Expert Plant Process Runtime Viewer
General Modeling and simulation environment with freely positionable elements
User manual in German and English language
Import and export of projects, creating new databases
Experiments and experiment-specific changes
Simulation of experiments
Equipment Process layout incl. sub-layouts for visualization of the process flow chart
Units, resources, unit and resource pools, lines and line allocations (3)
Shift calendar, workdays, holidays, exceptions
Failure and maintenance of units
Recipes Recipe groups, master recipes, recipe modules (3)
Unit procedures, unit operations, parallel and alternative branching, linking conditions
Library with pre-built recipe modules for process engineering calculations
Material Properties Mass balance, material, and volume density correlation
Component balance, phases, components, temperature, pressure
Integration of thermodynamic property packages via CAPE OPEN (1)
Evaluation Gantt chart for visualization of simulation results via allocation bars, filling levels, resource allocation, and mass flows of sources, sinks, and piping
Result reports in Excel (2)
VBA Environment Built-in VBA editor with debug functions
Result and object-related controls, INOSIM model, and data objects
Interaction with the running simulation by accessing INOSIM objects, their properties, and methods
Access to internal and external MS Excel workbooks
Interfaces MS Excel workbooks directly integrated into the project (2)
COM-Interface to control external applications and for INOSIM to be controlled by external applications


= Complete access (generate, delete, parameterize objects)
= Restricted access (parameterize or view existing objects)

(1) Cape-Open interface to be licensed separately

(2) MS Excel License (2007 and higher) required

(3) Number of the elements is limited (40 units, 20 recipes)

System Requirements

  • Operating system: Windows 7, 8 or 10
  • RAM: minimum 4 GB, preferably 8 GB or more
  • Mass Storage: minimum 2 GB space on hard drive, preferably SSD
  • CPU: good single core speed

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