INOSIM is offering several types of licenses and contracts to cover exactly the software profile you need.


Single-User or Network-License?

INOSIM uses WIBU’s Codemeter for licensing. Licenses are stored within a license container, which can be file-based or a specific USB dongle. We differentiate between node-locked licenses (for single users) and network licenses (for groups of users). The INOSIM software can be installed without a license but will need a license to open and run. Whenever a user tries to open INOSIM, the Codemeter tool that has been installed together with INOSIM will allocate a license from the USB dongle or a network server.

Node-Locked License (USB-Dongle)

The license is attached to a USB dongle license container. You can install the software on any computer within your organization, but in order to use INOSIM, the USB dongle needs to be (and stay) plugged in. You can physically share the device within your organization, but the use of a node-locked license with a virtual machine is prohibited.

Floating License (Network)

Here, the software is licensed through a license server within your company’s internal computer network or via the internet. Usually, a file-based license container is used, that binds the server’s hardware. Alternatively, a USB dongle can be plugged into the server. One license container can hold several licenses. Whenever a user opens INOSIM, one of the available licenses is allocated, and the license is released when INOSIM is closed. You can use the Codemeter WebAdmin tool to configure specific access rules. Of course, you can run the INOSIM software within a virtual machine on the network server as well.

Floating licenses are available in two versions:

  • Country License: Authorizes the licensee to use the software exclusively in the country in which the license was purchased.
  • Global License: Authorizes the licensee to use the software on a global scale; this applies, no matter which country the license was purchased from.

Borrow Dongles

To ensure offline or worldwide use of network licenses, we offer network license borrow dongles. These USB dongles can be used to temporarily transfer a specific number of licenses from a network server. The transferred licenses are allocated/blocked on the server until returned or until the end of the borrowing period. During the borrowing period, the licenses on the borrow dongle can be used like node-locked licenses. This way Country licenses can be used worldwide by employees when traveling.

Permanent license or annual subscription?

We offer permanent and subscription licenses. Permanent licenses require a maintenance contract to receive updates and support, whereas maintenance is included in subscription licenses. We offer contract periods of one, three and five years. The longer the contract period the lower the annual costs.


The license is paid once and can be used permanently. A maintenance contract is necessary for the first year after purchase and can be renewed for one-, three-, or five-year periods. For support and software updates, a valid maintenance contract is necessary.


Subscription contracts are available for one-, three-, or five-year periods. License usage fees are paid upfront at the beginning of each year.


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