1. December 2022

INOSIM Software Development Newsflash, 4th Quarter, 2022

Update INOSIM 13.0.7

In the course of the current version’s maintenance, the latest update INOSIM 13.0.7 again provides a number of bug fixes:

  • Basic: The Count property of the OverrideLines property returned false values.
  • Basic Editor:
    • In the Basic Editor, the menu commands New Horizontal/Vertical Tab Group were displayed mistakenly.
    • Syntax errors in recipe macros where not indicated while saving.
  • Database, Excel Parameters: The menu command for the export of Excel Parameters was not displayed in the Database window.
  • Gantt Chart: Improved display of custom curves when pausing simulation: The Gantt chart did not display curve values written in a Stop event.
  • Import of Projects: Line breaks in values of custom attributes could cause an exported project to be no longer importable.
  • Optimizer, reproduction of optimization runs: Changing the master recipe of an order had deleted the optimization parameters of that order.
  • Units: In some cases, filling level updates of units were missing. Multiple suspension of continuous transfers with a transfer control could lead to missing level updates. The level curve then apparently showed a change, although the curve was actually constant.
  • User Interface: Some German translations were not displayed.

A full overview of the changes made to INOSIM 13.0.7 is given to registered customers on this website under Downloads > Software > INOSIM 13. The new update is available there for download.

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