18. January 2022

INOSIM Software Development Newsflash, 1st Quarter, 2022

Update INOSIM 13.0.5

In the course of the current version’s maintenance, the newest update INOSIM 13.0.5 again provides a number of bug fixes:

  • When the execution of operations was suspended by a link condition, the end of a failure could cause a program crash.
  • The help link of the Gantt chart did not work. F1 opened Can´t reach this page.
  • In the online help and the pdf user manual, formatting errors of the Basic code examples have been removed.
  • The help link of the Operations table did not work. F1 opened Can´t reach this page.
  • Occasional program crashes occured while loading the recipe module instances.
  • Units dialog: There had been an indication error.
  • Optimizer: Results of the optimization were not reproducible. This affected optimization runs whose results were not saved. The problem could occur if a project contained resources with shift calendars.

A full overview of the changes made to INOSIM 13.0.5 is given to registered customers on this website under Downloads > Software > INOSIM 13. The new update is available there for download.

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