11. November 2020

INOSIM Extends OSIsoft PI System Infrastructure to Offer Predictive Batch Decision Support

INOSIM Extends OSIsoft PI System Infrastructure

INOSIM has entered a partnership with OSIsoft, a global leader in operational data management software, to introduce INOSIM Foresight, a predictive batch decision support system with real-time data from OSIsoft’s market-leading PI System, to the processing industries.

Challenges in Complex Batch Production Systems

Industrial batch production plants are complex systems in which dozens of products may be produced in parallel, each using dynamic production recipes with potentially hundreds of production steps and a large degree of automation. In addition, production takes place in a dynamic environment, with varying market conditions, strict time-to-market requirements, unforeseen disturbances and downtimes, and other variables.

This level of complexity makes it nearly impossible for operations personnel and production management to predict the future state of their plants, and, consequently, relevant KPIs, over long periods of time. Thus, overly conservative production and maintenance plans are implemented, resulting in an unrealized potential with respect to profitability, resource utilization, and safety.

Decision Support with INOSIM Foresight

The INOSIM Foresight solution enables real-time decision support for batch production by generating high-quality predictions and intuitive, enterprise-wide visualizations of important production metrics and KPIs via leading business intelligence platforms. These predictions are based on INOSIM’s industry-leading process simulation software, which offers the most flexible and comprehensive models on the market, according to our customers. Our solution provides accurate predictions over days or even weeks, enabling new application scenarios, including, but not limited to:

  • Accurately predict upcoming tasks for plant personnel – create more efficient production, personnel, and maintenance plans that decrease employee frustration.
  • Accurately predict the effects of unexpected changes (e.g., rush orders, production delays, or failures) – identify and counteract adverse effects before they occur to avoid unnecessary downtimes, and potentially save millions.
  • Accurately predict KPI and performance issues – anticipate and counteract KPI and performance issues before they occur with relevant data-driven dashboards, optimizing time and resources.

INOSIM Foresight is developed by INOSIM in cooperation with large companies from the processing industry, with initial prototypes available. The real-time operational data provided to Foresight by Osisoft’s PI System is key to accurately aligning our predictions with reality.

If you have any additional questions or would like to discuss specific application scenarios for your production site, please contact INOSIM.

About OSIsoft

OSIsoft is a pioneer in data infrastructure strategy and a global leader in operational data management software. The company brings over 40 years’ experience helping industrial organizations meet next-generation demands for efficiency, reliability, security, sustainability, and resilience.

OSIsoft’s market-leading PI System is the proven system of record for operational data in essential sectors such as power generation and utilities, water, oil and gas, mining, metals, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, facilities, transportation, food and beverage, and more. Every day, industrial professionals in 146 countries rely on the PI System to improve performance, protect health and safety, keep the lights on, and make the world run more smoothly.

Learn why two-thirds of Fortune 500 industrial organizations choose PI System at www.osisoft.com.

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