13. November 2020

INOSIM and ProSim Have Terminated Their Partnership

INOSIM and ProSim Have Terminated Their Partnership

After six years of productive cooperation, we have terminated our partnership with ProSim SA, Toulouse, France.

Over the recent years, INOSIM has developed from a software manufacturer to a solution provider. This change has accelerated significantly. As a result, software development and sales are occupied with many new tasks. Therefore, INOSIM can no longer perform its tasks in the integration of ProSim Batch. Moreover, INOSIM will discontinue the distribution of ProSim products by the sales department.

As from November 1, 2020, each company will directly be in charge of the maintenance, update, and support services of its own software. Each company will take over the commercial relationship with the end user in case the software was sold by its partner. There will be no discontinuity in the services provided to the end users.

Peter Balling, INOSIM CEO: “Although we regret the end of our partnership with ProSim, we are looking back on a technologically and economically rich cooperation. We want to thank the ProSim team for the good and long-term relationship and wish them all the best.”

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