12. July 2018

Cost-Efficient Solution: INOSIM Runtime Edition

Cost-Efficient Solution: INOSIM Runtime Edition

The INOSIM Runtime Edition rounds up our portfolio of sophisticated software solutions for process simulation. It complies with our INOSIM Expert Edition regarding the simulation of models while being strongly restricted regarding model building and adjustment. Already existing simulation models may be loaded but cannot be changed structurally, e.g., neither units can be added nor recipe structures can be changed. Hence, no new simulation models can be generated. However, users can extensively adjust the input parameters of models (recipe parameters, unit parameters, Excel data …) as well as run and evaluate simulations.

The INOSIM Runtime Edition addresses users who wish to apply an already existing simulation model over the life cycle of a plant without exploiting a full license. Typical use cases cover the transfer of models into production for continuous monitoring of a plant, regular application with downstream controlling, or production planning. The models underlying such use cases may be generated or model changes may be supervised either by inhouse simulation experts or by the INOSIM Consulting GmbH.

Within the scope mentioned, the INOSIM Runtime Edition provides the same performance as the INOSIM Expert Edition while offering a much lower purchase price. Please contact us if you are interested in this product

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