9. January 2017

Another Global Player Joins the INOSIM Community: Roche

Roche Enters Simulation

Roche is a globally leading enterprise in pharmaceuticals. In Germany, Roche employs more than 15.600 people in 5 locations. Their work is focusing on pharmaceuticals and diagnostics, covering research and development, production and logistics, as well as marketing and distribution.

As it often occurs with INOSIM, the cooperation started in a consulting project. In this case, Roche Diagnostics at the Penzberg (Germany) location tested INOSIM Software in a pilot project. It featured the analysis of the consequences of expected amount increases in a multi-product multi-purpose factory. Therein, the simulation fulfilled the following tasks:

  • Emulation of the actual state (units, recipes, order scenarios)
  • Analysis of expected amount increases
  • Identification and evaluation of operative measures concerning the elimination of bottlenecks

Based on INOSIM Software and Consulting Services, the Roche employees succeeded in generating a reality-true database to optimize the future production. This did not only convince the local project engineers, but also the operative management. By purchasing their own license of INOSIM Plant Edition, Roche will be able to conduct simulation projects by themselves, in the future. They are expecting to optimize the efficiency of the production as well as the plant performance.

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