10. November 2018

Animated Graphical Objects In INOSIM

Graphical auxiliary functions give live to your plant layout: By animation, you dynamically display filling level changes, transport movements of objects, or the status of active transfers. To use them, you can import our VBA macros into your INOSIM project.


The following video (15 sec.) shows a plant layout with animated graphics:


To use the animations, import the macro with the auxiliary functions to your INOSIM application:

The following animations will be available for your work with INOSIM:

  • Filling level of units
  • Movement of objects (e.g., MUs)
  • Animation of connecting lines (transfers)

A detailed guide to the graphical auxiliary functions, as well as a demo project, can be downloaded.


  • Example Project
  • Support files
  • Detailed guide for Graphical Auxiliary Functions

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