18. September 2023

A Sunny Day At The Canals

INOSIM Summer Festival 2023 took place at the historical ship lift in Henrichenburg

For this year’s INOSIM Summer Festival, almost all employees and their families gathered at the historic ship lift in Henrichenburg near Dortmund, Germany. The excursion program offered a welcome break, including education, relaxation, and enjoyment.

First we visited the museum belonging to the historical ship lift. The steel elevator for ships was built in 1899 to cross a 14 metre high canal stage on the way between the Ruhr Area and the North Sea. The lift has been in operation for over 60 years and has long since become a landmark of the Ruhr region, to which the INOSIM Dortmund site belongs.

After that, it was time for us to enter the passenger ship Henrichenburg. For two hours we crossed the adjacent canals and waterways. The trip offered pure industrial romance, which is so typical of the Ruhr area. We had brought home baked cakes and enjoyed the beautiful view over a cup of coffee and the opportunity to have a conversation among the colleagues (since Corona and the home office days introduced with it, we are like many others – you see each other a little less often).

A subsequent walk led us along the canals and the surroundings of the ship lift. Even from the landside, there was an interesting view of many architectural and technical details from the “Gründerzeit”. The final stop in a generously sized restaurant from Germany´s imperial era fit perfectly into this. There we enjoyed fine Greek cuisine and concluded this beautiful day with an extensive social get-together.

Peter Balling, INOSIM’s Managing Director, concluded with satisfaction: “Our canal cruise on the passenger ship Henrichenburg was quite symbolic. As the captain did with his ship, I too am determined to keep INOSIM firmly on course – and to steer into a hopefully sunny future!”

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