13. November 2023

New Intern from Ukraine at INOSIM

Our new student intern Maksym from Kharkiv has already been in Dortmund, Germany, for over a year. The 18-year-old is currently studying at the Robert Schuman College, Dortmund. There, Maksym acquired very good German language skills within a short period of time.

Learning from INOSIM’s Experts

Maksym is highly motivated and already has profound knowledge in general computer science as well as in some programming and markup languages. He is also currently enrolled in a remote-class at Radio Engineering College, Kharkiv. During his three-week internship at INOSIM, Maksym will have the opportunity to apply and expand his knowledge under expert guidance. At the same time, he will learn about working life in Germany and the corporate culture of a medium-sized technology company in the Dortmund Technology Park. Maksym will also have the opportunity to further develop his knowledge of German and English at INOSIM.

During the internship at INOSIM, Maksym will be given an insight into the everyday work of an application developer. In addition to familiarizing him with common programming tools and the first steps in programming, he will also be shown how customer-oriented software design is realized in practice.

The INOSIM team welcomes Maksym!

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